Wynton Marsalis – Jazz in Marciac 2009

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6 Responses to “Wynton Marsalis – Jazz in Marciac 2009”

  1. Carter Ellis says:

    Doesn’t that kind of mouthpiece let people play longer?

  2. omar447 says:

    I would love some of this sheet music my goodness simple excellent

  3. Tom Smith says:

    playing a instrument does not hurt if you enjoy doing it

  4. Sam Saunders says:

    not really. monettes are just made in a way that requires a lot more skill, but then opens up the doorway for more interesting playing, and a darker tone. wynton loves his.

  5. marcoq25 says:

    What mouth piece is the trumpet player using?

  6. That french guy on the end doesn’t understand the idea of group improv. You have to listen MORE than you play, not the other way around.

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