Down – Witchtripper [Official Music Video]

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15 Responses to “Down – Witchtripper [Official Music Video]”

  1. Admir Fakhir says:

    Is this a VanBebber short?

  2. “gay devil music” HA you know nothing, leave and never speak about this amazing genre again

  3. Todd Lund says:

    Young Goodman Browne by Nathaniel Hawthorne, great counter rhthyms, Puritans and Devils running around, awesome music and highly creative video: lot of work went into it, well done :)

  4. BaconJets says:

    Boycotting a band because you don’t like them? Fucking hell get some bandages for your arse mate.

  5. tonik3030 says:

    Phil looks like Bruce Dickinson in 80s :D

  6. kiltor6 says:

    Before I saw this video I had similar visions in my mind everytime I listened to the song.

  7. Reminds me a lot of NOLA!!!!!! KEEP KICKING ASS, DOWN!!

  8. adreas pao says:

    am glad i listened to that song ,its so fucking cool

  9. Panzerwafel says:

    Good, i feel like I’m home.

  10. grazzly1 says:

    Yeah these guys are no Rwake. At least in this song Mr. Tough-Guy abandoned the redneck Eddie Vedder yarling. And that fucking Pepper Keenan. I am soooo fucking glad Corrosion of Conformity survived him and his shitty vocals and got back to making killer music again.

  11. Actually gay devil music was never cool… You must think your on a slipknot video or something…

  12. megavic77 says:

    Love some Down…


  13. If you are seriously trying to compare Down to Slipknot then you are the fag. You are a dumbass for even calling music you don’t seem to understand as gay. Shut up and please extinguish yourself from the world.

  14. ROWDY1inc says:

    holy shit he does ha!

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