Weather Report – Birdland

This is from the Stadthalle Offenbach Concert that took place 1978.

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6 Responses to “Weather Report – Birdland”

  1. samm1809 says:

    Interesting points. What would you have liked to have seen the younger generations of jazz musicians (Shorter, Tony Williams, Herbie etc.) have done instead of fusion?

  2. Rickriquinho, just listen and shut up…..don’t give lesson about what jazz is, it makes no sense…

  3. Rickriquinho says:

    Why it doesn’t make sense? Don’t be ridiculous… Aristotle’s analysis of the tragedies was a waste of time?

  4. Jazz is what Jazz isn’t. Ya dig?

  5. Az isten áldja meg!!!én ezen nőttem fel!

  6. matizzle32 says:

    That’s some incredible talent walking off that stage.

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