Taio Cruz ft. Kesha – Dirty Picture Offical Video (with lyrics)

LYRICS: Could dream of ways to see you I could close my eyes to dream I could fantasize about you Tell the world what I believe But whenever I'm not with you It's so hard for me to see I need to see a picture of you A special picture just for me, yeah So take a dirty picture for…

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8 Responses to “Taio Cruz ft. Kesha – Dirty Picture Offical Video (with lyrics)”

  1. alno96 says:

    perfect :) i love this song !!! +
    good work

  2. SAUPii1 says:

    I love this song . xD♥

  3. Luv this song!!! Who doesn’t? Thumbs up is u think Ke$ha is pretty!

  4. I like the way she says DIRTYYY!!!

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