Smoking Time Jazz Club – “Percolatin’ Blues”

Smoking Time Jazz Club – "Percolatin' Blues"

Shot and edited by Beau Patrick Coulon Camera assistance by Nyssa Lyon Special thanks to Colby Guillory and Aaron Dunsay Sarah Peterson: vocals John Joyce: upright bass Blu Beverage: banjo Jason King: guitar Mike volker : percussion Colin Myers & Peter Loggins: trombones Christopher Johnson & Diesel Dan Ostreicher: saxophones Jack Pritchett: trumpet Jimbino Vegan: clarinet. Swing dancers: Chance Bushman & Giselle Anguizola

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4 Responses to “Smoking Time Jazz Club – “Percolatin’ Blues””

  1. How often do yall,play there

  2. DIYrobin says:

    I got here from Andrew Birds One Man Orchestra of the Imagination. DID YOU?!


    If these White Folks was dressed a little better and Flashy, they would be almost as slick as Negros. That’s the only thing missing, where’s the Jazzy Outfits. Come on White Folks get wit it!!!

  4. bancoran says:

    Hey, cut ‘em some slack. White folk are afflicted with Unnatural Rhythm, it takes us a concentrated effort to get this hep.

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