AT THE SKYLINES – Shady Dreamin’ (Official Video HD)

AT THE SKYLINES – Shady Dreamin' (Official Video HD)

AT THE SKYLINES "Shady Dreamin'" Official Video Aus dem Album "The Secrets To Life" OUT NOW! Physisch:

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13 Responses to “AT THE SKYLINES – Shady Dreamin’ (Official Video HD)”

  1. Lorxes says:

    Hört sich wie jede zweite Metalcore Band an. Nichts besonderes…

  2. The two styles you try to pull off aren’t properly incorporated together… It’s like 2 different songs mashed together. There’s many more problems (i.e lack of originality) but I’m not going to go through them all.

  3. B Mer says:

    This band should not be on roadrunner records if you ask me…

  4. des lied is zwar wie fast jede andere aber ich mag des lied ^^

  5. 1halo1fan1 says:

    this song is great, it’s just on the wrong YouTube page…

  6. Crap crap crap. Video was good until the music starting playing. Total, unoriginal crap.

  7. cjsdashiznit says:

    Nothing wrong with this band you fuck1n h83rs

  8. MiseinPxs says:

    good until clean singing

  9. good until singing

  10. WARDEATHFUN says:

    I actually think the song is alright… I understand why the majority do not like it though.

  11. The clean parts is to mutch pop-rock… The Metal-Core parts sonds good.

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