Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Official Music Video)

Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Official Music Video)

Spotify: G+ : Facebook: Twitter: presents: Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Official Music Video) An ultimate collab between the all-stars of EDM's harder styles drops on the Spinnin' imprint. Showtek and Bassjackers proudly present their new track 'Hey!'. They keep it cool for at first, while the track builds to a 'subtle' drop. But then all hell breaks loose when deep pounding beats punch you in the stomach while the buzzing saw bass destroys the speakers. Really, very, incredibly big tune! Early support from David Guetta, Hardwell and Afrojack! Future release on Spinnin' Records, release date 2012.12.31 Join Showtek: http Join Bassjackers:

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15 Responses to “Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Official Music Video)”

  1. Tyler Quast says:

    ummm no. Showtek is a singular noun therefore it is “Showtek is two guys”

  2. ViaAngel1323 says:

    My girl doesn’t poi to this……….she single now


  4. pelvaanali says:

    OH GOD….why….whyy…..the fuck…..IT CANT BE UNSEEN NOW

  5. wyrkmken says:

    now I understand ;)

  6. IzzuRbaSRB says:

    Tako je Srbine :) House – Progressive najjace :)

  7. alex shawn says:

    Well thats just to fucking bad

  8. HARDSCORE69 says:

    always remain good

  9. HARDSCORE69 says:

    this song was out for like 4 or 5 months

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