Seal – A Change Is Gonna Come (Video)

© 2008 WMG A Change Is Gonna Come (Video)

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8 Responses to “Seal – A Change Is Gonna Come (Video)”

  1. Alex Stelian says:

    madre de mi vida qe voz puede tener este hombre es impresionante,podria cantar en un blue con la Amy….pero por pena,no sa podido conseguir!!

  2. FBK794 says:

    So beautiful song…

  3. saxano327 says:

    Such a shame that this has so few views! Amazing song, speaks to my battle with depression.

  4. odxoxbo says:

    lol this is only my views :@:

  5. MAYA80051 says:

    Im in love…………….

  6. You can do it! One day at a time bredrin.

  7. Why Elizabeth Hurley deliberately lying? Because Elizabeth Hurley lies on purpose? Elizabeth Hurley lying Why CONSCIOUS? ¿porque Elizabeth Hurley miente aposta?

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