Santigold – Disparate Youth [Official Music Video]

Get this track on iTunes – Master of My Make-Believe out now! Download on iTunes – Get a free download of "Big Mouth" by signing up @ Directed & Produced by Santigold and Sam Fleischner

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8 Responses to “Santigold – Disparate Youth [Official Music Video]”

  1. I can’t stop listen this!!!!

    It’s so addictive… n_n

  2. SupaG87 says:

    wouldn’ it be easier to google it?

  3. press Share under the video and you can set time there and get custom url

  4. I’m a big dickhead

  5. kennethsen says:

    because their not pregnant lol

  6. deeeeeeeeeeeamn santi! lookin good guuuurl!

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