Robert John “Sad Eyes” (1979 – #1 hit)

Robert John "Sad Eyes" (1979 – #1 hit)

They don't make songs that sound like THIS these days.

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17 Responses to “Robert John “Sad Eyes” (1979 – #1 hit)”

  1. Medic83301 says:

    The Bee Gees had nothing to do with this tune .

  2. maxer72 says:

    this song is da shit

  3. 91Bear says:

    No. There is only one version of this song. The Bee Gees never recorded it.

  4. You hang in there lorideulen, one day you’ll quit crying and it wont hurt anymore.

  5. Mysterwright says:

    Well, they did write hits for other artists before and after Saturday Night Fever. The studios were probably just looking for acts that had the Bee Gees’ “sound.”

  6. Kateyhall says:

    I miss the 1970′s!

  7. Johnny Dee says:

    what did you do to your husband lorideulen? Surely these things just don’t “happen”…

  8. windgather1 says:

    wow not heard this song for ages.what a voice so cool.

  9. AvoDJ says:

    bless you my love!! keep the faith, not ALL men are twats

  10. You are right. They DO NOT make songs that sound like this these days. Thank you for the great memories.

  11. frankj04 says:

    great sad song one of the bes ever made

  12. arodomus says:

    I hope your life is ok now, better off without the guy? I hope so. A concerned youtuber…

  13. heyman29323 says:

    Crazy good. Insanely good. Ridiculously good. Did I mention this is pretty good

  14. oct201981 says:


  15. rdf7777 says:

    thats sad why did he leave u for another woman if so hes an asshole

  16. sad memory, sorry about that

  17. Nettzkie1 says:

    that was how the 70′s were…..I remember those days…a lot different now…thank goodness… love this song!

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