Rick James – Deeper Still

I absolutely love and adore rick james he is one of my faves, his show, his drama, his music, his sexy and amazing voice, this song is taken from the album deeper still (2000) very nice one

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18 Responses to “Rick James – Deeper Still”

  1. and you love me you’ve been lovin me for years and we made it even through the tears and fears…

  2. great lyrics, great song, can listen to this one over and over

    and i’m here tonight, i wanna testify…i love you deeper still

  3. Winter412 says:

    thier was only one Rich james, and no other peace Rich, you rocked America. miss you!!!

  4. Edluva4616 says:

    While Steppin I was Captured by this song Get Down Rick RIP.

  5. Rick James only got better as his career progressed. Each albums gems got brighter.

  6. josephb7 says:

    This is a great jam! This shows the diversity of Rick James talent as a musician. He always made you feel his music.

  7. That’s hot!!! Baby makin music

  8. @sjw187 its already on here just type it in the search engine it features johnny gill and howard hewitt

  9. kiacutiepie1 says:

    I love the flow of this song. this is a highway driving song as well as a house party song too!!!

  10. babybluable says:

    yes this is the love song, it is wonderful to hear this one….love it
    rip- rick james

  11. rick you really took this deeper

  12. Chaka: Actually ‘Deep Still’ was recorded in 2003 through 2004, and released in 2007. Thanks for the upload tho! Nice pick!

  13. This song up how I feel about my best friend RJ who is my daughters godfather and I couldn’t say it better myself ” I love him ” Deeper Still ” and I always will “.

  14. @msvlerielynn1 wow your daughter was very lucky to have Rick as her godfather I know she loved him to pieces!!!!<3

  15. 2007 Deeper Still Album…

  16. KamLife1 says:

    …yeah u write, I like the one on the album.

  17. Joni Barton says:

    this song brought me and my husband together i love rick this brings back memories !

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