Relaxing Jazz Music with Fireplace Sounds

READ THIS FOR ANY INFORMATION YOU NEED All copyrights of the music goes to the respective owners, as I do not own any of it and only use them in this video for convenience. Turn on annotations to see the tracklist. All the music is in order with each song's individual time next to them. Thank you all for watching, enjoying, and for all the kind comments. I read every comment I get, but I am busy and it is hard to respond to each one. Thank you! If you want to download this video, there are several programs/extensions for web browsers such as google chrome that let you download videos from youtube. There are also websites to convert them. If you want the songs in their best quality, there are always places to download them if you search on google. On my channel is a version without the fireplace sounds, and a version with the last song repeated with rain and fireplace sounds à la RainFireJazz. Just search for "jazz" sans the quotations in the video search bar.

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9 Responses to “Relaxing Jazz Music with Fireplace Sounds”

  1. sanyodude14 says:

    Thanks a lot!
    God bless you!

  2. OliverHSax says:

    It’s not even Jazz.

  3. BernalJoshua says:

    What’s the song on 19:56 called?

  4. xmattzax says:

    Turn on annotations to see the tracks.

  5. xmattzax says:

    They’re all in order.

  6. ikr? It’s beautiful-tastic-ness.

  7. ninos22 says:

    serenade blue chrono trigger corridor of time

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