Redneck Souljers – I Don’t Like (Chief Keef Remix/Parody) Music Video

Redneck Souljers – I Don't Like (Chief Keef Remix/Parody) Music Video

LIKE the REDNECK SOULJERS FACEBOOK page here! Parody music video of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" and is a direct continuation of Redneck Souljers' first music video – "Fish." Watch 'Fish': Watch the prequel "Tiller Gang": Directed/Edited by Ed Pryor for Play Make Believe. Production Adviser: Hollis Seifritz. Special thanks to those who participated with location/vehicles, etc. Starring: FATT TARR & C-HUBB. Filmed in various rural areas of Winchester, Tennessee in Franklin County. CONTACT FOR COLLABORATION AND BOOKING INQUIRES WRITE TO: LINKS – Twitter @RedneckSouljers YOUTUBE: DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FREE! @ – (Coming soon) PERSONAL FACEBOOK – RSTGB = REDNECK SOULJERS TILLER GANG BOE! Audio – Recorded | Mixed | Mastered by Fatt Tarr at Tiller Gang Studios | Copyright 2012.

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13 Responses to “Redneck Souljers – I Don’t Like (Chief Keef Remix/Parody) Music Video”

  1. k js you guys are awesome

  2. sourDeez2 says:

    a inbred thats the shit i dont like..

  3. Ibanez3456 says:

    whos the dude in the mask?

  4. His name is Wander boe, he is in the Tiller Gang video in the Flag shirt also.

  5. John Doe says:

    you mad cus we stylin on your fat ass

  6. sourDeez2 says:

    u aint stylin on nobody u fucking hick

  7. dipinmylip22 says:

    hell ya boe. yall are bad ass keep up the work

  8. Where can you get a mask like he was wearing?

  9. Peps are hatin on you guys but there just sad that these song are better than the original versons you go boe hel yea

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