THE PHILIPPINE ALL STAR 2006, 2007, 2008

World's most sensational Hiphop Champion. 2006- champion 2007- 3rd place 2008- champion credits to: DJ0z0n3

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8 Responses to “THE PHILIPPINE ALL STAR 2006, 2007, 2008”

  1. John V Mayo says:

    jabba vs Phil. Allstar? pereotics is the best..Lol..just kidding. they both great.

  2. TheMaxrulez says:

    poreotics is neyye

  3. khaye santos says:

    woooowwww…i dont know wat to say…philippine all star very woooow…..

  4. marches14 says:

    thumps up to Philippines~~!!!! Im proud to be a Filipino!!! ^^

  5. marches14 says:

    not 0:51 its 0:52 XD but IT SO SICK!! I proud to be a Filipino! ^^ THUMPS UP FOR THE PHILIPPINES!!

  6. jean64254 says:

    you don’t have the right to call anybody you do not know a stupid or something. Maids are the most bravest people I’ve ever seen, you don’t know what they’re going through! Do you think it’s easy to work in other country far away from your family just to give them better future & couldn’t even be there to personally take care of them? It’s a big “Sacrifice” and it’s NOT easy. have you ever done that? I don’t care about your standard of being great but in Philippines they are considered heroes.

  7. BRSMP2009 says:

    The premiere hip-hop dance group bagged first place at the annual Dance2Dance: The World Streetdance Showcase Competition held last June 11 at the Theater 11 in Zurich, Switzerland.Since their formation in 2005, the Allstars has already won in various prestigious dance contests outside the country.

  8. BRSMP2009 says:

    They were the first Asian group to strike back-to-back golds in the International Hip-Hop Open d’Italia (Turin, Italy) and World Hip-Hop Dance Championships (Los Angeles, California) in 2006.

    The Allstars enjoyed a winning streak at the V.Ent’s First Annual Dance Awards (as Team of the Year) in 2007, as well as at the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008 and the Malta Guiness Streetdance Africa in Kenya in 2009 (where they both received Gold).

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