Paul McCartney Nirvana Reunion – Cut Me Some Slack 12-12-12

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4 Responses to “Paul McCartney Nirvana Reunion – Cut Me Some Slack 12-12-12”

  1. ok so the songs not bad, I dont know if i am suppose to be watching a nirvana-esq reunion or another band or song that Dave grohl got the idea for where he mashes old school rocks and some alternative players together. So I would say that if its suppose the be the first then I would say why bother changing the library, this in my opinion is no where close to before. So yea maybe a 3 out 5 for the song in my opinion

  2. I would pa goody money to see this live. A full set would be unreal. They could trade off on material. Imagine Dave Grohl supplying some vocals to Helter Skelter! Daaaannngg

  3. ConnorAGTM says:

    Fuck you Paul McCartney. Fuck you.

  4. not sure why but my favorite part of this is the 3-4 seconds Krist is playing with his eyes closed, right after it turns intense…

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