Pastor Rap – Back To Church Sunday

Churches of all types are coming together to invite everyone Back to Church on September 16, 2012. There is a church size and style to fit you. Everyone in the nation find a location – Click here to find a church in your area: Want to add your church to the roster of participa…

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10 Responses to “Pastor Rap – Back To Church Sunday”

  1. ampinchback says:

    For those of you who feel that rap is of the world and shouldn’t be used for Gods glory, just wanted to point out that you watched this video KNOWING it was rap so what does that say about you?

  2. katelling1 says:

    Amen , I love this video !!

  3. vickandrew13 says:

    Hahahah hahsahahha hshhshs hahhh

  4. overlife77 says:

    I suppose that this video is aimed at the younger crowd or something, but it’s really stupid. Do they think teenagers want to go to church cuz a bunch of old guys try to act like them and be funny? They need people to be mature and show God’s way. They don’t plan on growing up and behave like a “cool” old dude.

  5. tubofpoo says:

    Everyday I pray to god to kill thousands of innocent Africans

    And everyday he answers my prayers tenfold!

  6. My pastor is just like the black guy! Honestly, they should be brothers!

  7. I disagree. Its not the style that makes music evil, its the words.

  8. You forget the affect certain types of music have upon people. It is just not the words.

    It is a combination of BOTH

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