Nirvana reunion with Paul McCartney- Sandy Relief Concert

***The Name of the song is "Cut Me Some Slack"*** Sorry for the quality. I recorded it on my phone.

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9 Responses to “Nirvana reunion with Paul McCartney- Sandy Relief Concert”

  1. Freaken awesome! God bless them

  2. Well…there really is no Nirvana with out Kurt Cobain, he was one of a kind and hard to beat…allowing that statement as my premise…I will now say Kurt Cobain could not sing that song better than Paul McCartney or any song…I think it was genius on the part of the remaining Nirvana group to have allowed Paul…Brilliant! I think Kurt is smiling where ever he is…

  3. This is a jam between Macca and the remaining members of Nirvana. It’s not a ‘Nirvana reunion’ and was never going to be ‘cos that’s just silly. It’s a jam between some talented individuals (albeit it, very famous individuals) and the guy totally holds his own, why wouldn’t he? He’s one of the greatest artists of ALL TIME. Kurt was a huge fan of the Beatles and so are these guys no doubt, they’re having fun for a good cause. Good on all of them.

  4. morimurasan says:

    Great reunion and great collaboration. A fantastic perfomance, despite the haters, this is rock and roll and those people on stage know A LOT about it.
    I wish they’d play “Shelter Skelter”… it would be incredible in this format.

  5. I would so love to see the former nirvana band back together again. Just imagine the guest vocalists who could also go on tour with them…..

  6. j fitzy says:

    Macca is about the only guy who could get away with that.Class

  7. Ginkeh says:

    Great performance, and cool song. Would`ve been cool if they`d played a previously recorded song by Nirvana too though, Would`ve been awesome hearing McCartney singing Love Buzz or something.

  8. Better than I expected honestly…

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