Nirvana Reunion with Paul McCartney 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert

Nirvana with Paul McCartney performing "Cut Me Some Slack" at the 12-12-12 Sandy relief benefit concert.

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12 Responses to “Nirvana Reunion with Paul McCartney 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert”

  1. que loco cara.Até o Krist haha.

  2. rammnoy says:

    well, this is different… it sounds pretty cool but they shouldn’t call it nirvana. because this isn’t nirvana.

  3. Thanks for your input faggot, Unfortunately for you, no one cares.

  4. I like the song. They band likes the song. I think their opinion of their own music is worth more than your piss poor little opinion.

  5. michel031257 says:

    Kurt is not immortal by being shown in some foolish hologram but only by people playing the songs and others listening to them. And this evening is really not showing such a bad line-up!

  6. rowan james says:

    This is a spin off of the legendary Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs song “Mama”. The Iconic Australian band that was at the front of what would influence many bands such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, G’N'R etc. take a look and decide or yourself . to call this an original leaves a little bit to be desired.

  7. strydertech says:

    I think it was billed as Paul McCartney with Dave Grohl and Friends not with Nirvana.At no point leading up to this event have I read any of the three referring to themselves as Nirvana other than them being former members of the band and not having played together for many years (which isn’t true).

  8. reviewthe1 says:

    Dude this concert is for charity, that was what is important over anything. I think its great they got the members of Nirvana back together in the first place, yes Kurt is beyond monumental, but Paul Mccartney is an artist that inspired him in the first place. It’s only fitting…

  9. Awesome song… And. Glad a Beatle was on lead, given Kurt was such a huge Beatles fan. Very fitting.

  10. Jose Cuellar says:


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