Nirvana reunion 12/12/12

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11 Responses to “Nirvana reunion 12/12/12”

  1. muramovie says:

    <3 NIRVANA <3 a dream comes true!!!! i think kurt was shaking on heaven!

  2. That guitar solo was killer. People forgot what grunge sounded like I think. I will concede that paul is not very nirvana though lol.

  3. houlgate100 says:

    chaud l’ancien Beatles de 70 ans avec Nirvana

  4. Kirk Hammett is dead? :(

  5. destroyerid says:

    i’m just excited to hear grohl play drums again

  6. Im pretty sure he does, but I’m also pretty sure he would have just walked up and played on the kit that was sat there which belongs to Abe Laboriel, Jr. and wouldn’t be messing about with stands.

    When he plays with TCV he still has to reach pretty high for his left crash, he has brought the right one down a bit though since Nirvana

  7. This was great. Tasteful, and they didn’t try to be their old selves, just have some fun.

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