Nirvana – From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah (1996) [Full Album]

1. Intro — 0:00 2. School — 0:52 3. Drain You — 3:32 4. Aneurysm — 7:07 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit — 11:39 6. Been A Son — 16:26 7. Lithium — 18:34 8. Sliver — 22:44 9. Spank Thru — 24:39 10. Scentless Apprentice — 27:50 11. Heart-Shaped Box — 31:21 12. Milk It — 36:03 13. Negative Creep — 38:48 14. Polly — 42:32 15. Breed — 45:02 16. tourette's — 48:32 17. Blew — 50:26 "We played around for two years before the release of Bleach in June, 1989. At the time, live shows were our bread and butter (this being prior to the release of Nevermind in September 1991). We'd hit the road for months at a time… coming back with one or two grand… to be split three ways. In those days, that was about as much "success" as we thought possible. The earliest performances on this album are brought to you courtesy of a sound board cassette recording of a December, 1989 show at London's Astoria. "Breed" (then called "Imodium") and Polly (the big rock version) are taken from this show, the last date of a European tour supporting fellow Sub-Poppers, Tad. Early in 1991, the band signed with Geffen Records and acquired professional management. DIY fell by the wayside. Nevermind was recorded in the spring of 1991. Following summer tours with Dinosaur Jr. and The Jesus Lizard, Nevermind was released in the fall. Immediately following the release, we went on a tour headlining small venues that culminated with a Halloween home-coming show at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. This show <b>…</b>

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7 Responses to “Nirvana – From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah (1996) [Full Album]”

  1. Shane Keil says:

    Roger applying three dot man!!!

  2. Nicholas Yaw says:

    sound track to part of my crazy life

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