Nirvana – Come as You Are (MTV Unplugged in New York) Live

MTV Unplugged Live 1993

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6 Responses to “Nirvana – Come as You Are (MTV Unplugged in New York) Live”

  1. nina lopez says:

    courtney killed him she wasnt even that sad or shocked after his death was like something she was looking forward to it…i dont know about her music career and dont wanna know.. but if i was his wife i would go out and shout to the media to kill me instead of an very talented person and after his death i would be miserable for the rest of my life. but courtney enjoying all of his money, fame and hell yeah she dosent give a fuck…

  2. imcrazyrun says:

    5 months later he was dead :( ((((((((

  3. The drummer looks like the singer of Foo Fighters.. oh wait

  4. oflinesurfer says:

    Kurt Cobain is still my friend.

  5. Mtv today of despair …

  6. Jenea68 says:

    Ахринеть)) Курт Кобейн вообще ))) пипец)) блин)))

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