Movie Star [Instrumental] (Prod. by Omito)

on some Carlos Santana level. Beats for sale message or you can purchase this beat at my soundclick: Beat is titled as: Movie Star (Prod. by Omito) prod. by omito omitobeats omito

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14 Responses to “Movie Star [Instrumental] (Prod. by Omito)”

  1. HAha tis beat cray bro :D

  2. Yung Forbez says:

    This is a eargasm

  3. zarkushburn5 says:

    ohhh shytttt this is my jam i have to do thissss..

  4. greg robles says:

    Ohhhh Shiittt!!  Always wanted to sample this!

  5. fh2smart says:

    Hey try sampling from some songs from The musical Wicked

  6. omitobeats says:

    i’m on it bro! :D

  7. Haha muy amazing!

  8. PeachoYumaAz says:

    is it straight if i kill this and give full credit

  9. MrGeezytv says:

    Santana sample ;) 

  10. jackel451 says:

    Haha u switchin it up.. good job bra

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