Metallica – Enter Sandman [Official Music Video]

Enter Sandman [Official Music Video] From the album "Metallica" Director: Wayne Isham Filmed in June 1991 in Los Angeles, CA Video Premiere Date: July 30, 1991 © 1991 Metallica

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12 Responses to “Metallica – Enter Sandman [Official Music Video]”

  1. nordica8008 says:

    “The song [Enter Sandman] made headlines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq after it became known that uncooperative prisoners were exposed to the song for extended periods by American interrogators. According to United States Psychological Operations, the intention was to break a prisoner’s resistance by playing music that was culturally offensive to them” (Wiki)
    :-D Did the plan work?

  2. josemclovin says:

    why are you here idiot?

  3. The Government plays this song to torture people so they confess in the east. If they end up liking metal, they play a Barney song instead.

  4. Chuck Norris says:

    Don’t talk about yourself like that

  5. CountVonAxel says:

    So the person as so it would have it says metal corrupts kids and makes them stupid and emo, WELL SIR I’M 13 AND I GET A’S PROVE YOU’RE THEORY BITCHES! Metal FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t those creeps enter sandman?

  6. Rock Metal = real music pop rap = bullshiters and pretenders

  7. TheNacaurea says:

    please lars do the cinbal thing just before the chorrus, play it how it is! come on dont be shame, dont be shy

  8. bozhno says:

    They’ve sold 100 million albums and they’re still relevant so no, they’re obviously not. And that term is really questionable as Hendrix could also be called a one-hit wonder.

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