Love Cholos (Chief Keef Love Sosa Parody)

Today Lil' moco explains what the hynas like, in Chief Keef Sosa style. Lil' Moco – Qbanguy – & Cricket – Gogglez – & Johnny Boy – LP Boyz –

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10 Responses to “Love Cholos (Chief Keef Love Sosa Parody)”

  1. Omg I’m in tears this shit is hilarious

  2. IanigirO says:

    You Guys made It to World Star !

  3. Yo man I love the shit you guys do man keep up the good work

  4. stankalank73 says:

    Yall boys cool man. For real lol

  5. 456ElChino says:

    Too Funny My Dude!! Keep It Up

  6. baby delZo says:

    follow @geniuschiefkeef

    funny shit this video was right on hahahah

  7. No i don’t pay rent boy mom is the land lord!!! Lmfao!LMFAO @2:30 goggles is confused about how the gun works

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