Los – Born A King – Official Music Video (HNHH Originals)

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6 Responses to “Los – Born A King – Official Music Video (HNHH Originals)”

  1. PoloQue05 says:

    King Los is bring Diddy and his Bad Boy crew back to the top.

  2. fitted518 says:

    Gotta Give it to Los for doing his thing he has improved and deserves the BadBoy Deal. Ive opened for him a few times and everything you read on him is tru. Much Respect. For more dope music and hot music videos check out my channel. Promise you wont be dissapointed.

  3. Becoming King is about to be so fucking good, 17 features to make a LOS TAPE even better! Can’t wait, fuck the sample clearances! Dropppppppp

  4. JussMurffTv says:

    Im not a hater of LOS but, every song i hear from this nigga, is always over someone elses beats, i hate that, makes cuz sound very unoriginal

  5. im pretty sure he uses other peoples beats to prove he can rip songs better than the original artists on em! A LOT of rappers do this

  6. Los is good no disrespect but slaughterhouse is not to be taken lightly bruh!

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