I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift (Alex G Ft Eppic Cover) Official Music Video

iTunes: itunes.apple.com Check out Eppic's alternate version here! www.youtube.com This was one of the most fun videos I've ever created! Eppic and I had a great time (cold too…) making this for you. It's one of my favorite songs off the RED album :) . Thanks so much for watching and please share this with everyone you know! It really does help more than you know! Subscribe to the amazing Eppic!! (www.youtube.com Thanks so much to Shaun Reynolds for producing this for us! You are seriously the man. Everyone go subscribe to him! He's super talented :) www.youtube.com Thanks so much to Sehler for filming and being the package deliverer in the video. You are awesome :) Thanks also to Jackie (www.youtube.com for being in my video as well. You're a cool sister. Facebook: www.facebook.com http//www.facebook.com/EppicInvasion Twitter: www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Keek: www.keek.com www.keek.com Song Produced by: Shaun Reynolds Video Filmed by: Sehler, Eppic, Alex G Video Edited by: Alex G "I Knew You Were Trouble" — originally by Taylor Swift Written by: Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing & Kobalt Music Publishing

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18 Responses to “I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift (Alex G Ft Eppic Cover) Official Music Video”

  1. You are awesome…)))) Cute and way so FUNNY

  2. qwersvk says:

    Awesome girl with excelent voice :D I fell in love :D Greetings from Slovakia (EU) !!

  3. hahahahha the chasing part cracked me up >.< u have a gr8 voice!!!

  4. Lava Lee says:

    you’re so beuatifull

  5. stupidbam22 says:

    I always smile while watching your music’s videos. :)

  6. Katie Field says:

    Lying on the cold hard ground.. Quite literally!! Lol great video

  7. MrsStrucki says:

    You look like Pocahonta.♥

  8. Heyichalisha says:

    I think in the last two months I have behaved like alex and he felt like eppic

  9. Bokehify says:

    Was this video shot in Colorado by any chance?

  10. CampRock1010 says:

    Awsome and she can really sing

  11. Most likely… that’s where they live.

  12. killmyfrog says:

    Christmastime is here ;) )

  13. theBbCole says:

    Alex you’re really pretty in this video :) ) like the new look

  14. nmuink says:

    Amazingg voicee!!

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