John Coltrane – Blue train

John Coltrane playing the amazing Blue train

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18 Responses to “John Coltrane – Blue train”

  1. PATTYKAN3 says:

    oh i see what you did there ;) very clever

  2. Sasfoot says:

    Great comment. I played sax for 10 years and my old MySpace page was

  3. rajinirulez says:

    Whenever i see John Coltrane, i see Denzel Washington.


    I thought that the first photo was taken from some film of Denzel Washington in Coltrane’s paper

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  6. MonkGraff says:

    Good feelings listening this song :)

  7. Angel Luz says:

    oh , mon blue… the sound of Blue.

  8. Yeah. I see that too.

  9. d4rknemo says:

    wonderful , im painting now and this music create a good moment in my heart , is awesome

  10. SirJimslim says:

    This reminds me of Miles Davis song called So what

  11. socalmikee says:

    ahaha i think coltrane might be taller though

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