Jimmy Smith Documentary (Jazz Organ) – 1965

West German documentary film from 1965 on jazz organist Jimmy Smith! Includes concert footage and interviews. Jimmy Smith – organ Quentin Warren – guitar Billy Hart – drums

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7 Responses to “Jimmy Smith Documentary (Jazz Organ) – 1965”

  1. james lujack says:

    Kidding aside,this is an awesome insight into what it was like……Glad you folks in Germany like this type of music!

  2. lcanapini says:

    Video MERAVIGLIOSO: Grazie!

  3. yelnats21 says:

    just watched it in its entirety… wow, bravo!!!

  4. 17:40 – is that author James Baldwin in the background sporting the turtle neck?

  5. This is fantastic!!!  Thanks for uploading this.

  6. james lujack says:

    Jimmy Smith ……I remember seeing him real close in action at BAKERS KEYBOARD LOUNGE and sat at a table close. That was in ‘the day’ when Bakers brought in nationally acclaimed acts. I think a lot about it but they can’t go on with the big names ‘cuz they can’t stay open if they did. Anyway did’nt a lot of the big names come out of Detroit anyway????

  7. The good ole days before the Leslie model 122A that I hate so much

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