Jazz Casual – The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Ralph J. Gleason

The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Ralph J. Gleason, syndicated jazz columnist, perform live at the Jazz Casual TV show, live in 1961. The Dave Brubeck Quartet is made up of Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Morello and Gene Wright.

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16 Responses to “Jazz Casual – The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Ralph J. Gleason”

  1. lscali17 says:

    This so beautiful,intelligent and

  2. John Bruce says:

    Um, on “Money” it is David Gilmour doing the solo. From 7/4 to 4/4 for the solo.

  3. wpa66 says:

    RIP Dave, you leave behind the world your wonderful genie

  4. 呑み過ぎてしまいます。要注意!

  5. legomousse says:

    I’ve been listening to the whole video with passion. Then, once the video was finished, YOUTUBE SHIT put a David Guetta pub. It completely ruins my feelings.

  6. James Valko says:

    I got to see Dave live just three years ago. He was great. And Joe Morello is one of the most underrated drummers in jazz history.

  7. mafiamitzy says:

    RIP ya jazzmazztah

  8. fulicasenia says:

    Dave sounds a little out of breath after Raggy Waltz :)

  9. fulicasenia says:

    @legomousse: if you can learn to love Dave Brubeck AND David Guetta, you will get twice as much pleasure out of life ;)

  10. K Page says:

    Dave & Co – you left us much richer. Take Five with the Saints now!

  11. Master Dave, now you gonna meet The Master of all of us. Be blessed… Be saved in peace!

  12. Great video in every aspect.. music, history, culture, knowledge! Thank you so much for uploading it! Take 5, so great song, and the performance here is fantastic!

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