Bryan Ferry will release his new album "" in the UK on 26th November 2012. If there was ever a musical icon and a decade destined to come together it is Bryan Ferry and the Roaring Twenties. The artist as creative powerhouse with a dazzling career of endless surprise, delight and innovation, and the decade – a time of modernity, decadence and bright young things – all driven on by the thrill of it all. So what better way to celebrate and mark the 40th year anniversary of Ferry's incredible career as a singer and songwriter, than by rearranging his own compositions and have them performed in a 1920's style by his very own Jazz Orchestra? It began as an idea, fuelled by Ferry's fascination of that time between the wars known as "". He decided the songs were to be all completely instrumental reinterpretations. 'A lot of the music I listen to nowadays is instrumental," he explains "and I wanted to let my songs have a different life, a life without words'. He put together his very own jazz orchestra comprised of many of the great British jazz players from his past tribute to the 1930's', the album 'As Time Goes By – including his long-term musical director Colin Good, with whom Ferry worked closely on these new arrangements. The 13 songs have been chosen from 11 albums, from his very first release 'Roxy Music' (1972) to his recent solo record 'Olympia' (2010) The album is now available to pre-order in the UK from AMAZON. http Produced <b>…</b>

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16 Responses to “THE JAZZ AGE”

  1. namedMayDay says:

    - всё как положено)

  2. yes-i do like jazz-but sometimes it is too sad a music to listen to-for it takes me back to all i’ve read about a very prejudicedamerica-billie holiday’s shock to the soul’s “strage fruit”-the terrible history of lynching-bessy smith dying because no black person was to be allowed entrance to hospital for not being white-the soulfulness of a gerat &courageous peple having to pretend to be lesser folk-when in fact they were introducing through their own kind of magic-a great musical institution.

  3. i wish ferry had mentioned the influence of langston hughe’s poems-which crept into jazz with fierce determination to be recognized of message of protest-of pride-my mother presented me with the total music-album collection of billie, and trumpetist composer and singer; “satchmo”-i play them sometimes-but they bring on a past sadness of the times when jazz was born, and for what reasons–these defiantly breaking through a biased asphalt-yet bravely and beatiful as is a vibrant yet delicate rose.

  4. I think the idea of re-interpreting his classics as 20′s era jazz numbers is a great idea, basically a continuation of what he did with “As Time Goes By”. Can’t wait to get this material.

  5. acnatural says:

    That’s ladies and gentlemen is one example of the brilliance of Bryan Ferry. Congrats on 40 years of musical enjoyment.

  6. edhastie says:

    Everything he does has such impeccable class and style.

  7. Derek Lyons says:

    I love Bryan Ferry and Woody Allen!!  This has really framed them together!!

    Both lovers of Jazz and the 1920′s!!

  8. Absolutely another stroke of genious from Master Bryan. Your greatest fan in Bergen, Norway salutes you again. I really look forward to the album next week!

  9. canturgan says:

    Actually it has been done before, there was a singer called Peter Skellern that had hits in the 70′s at about the same time as Roxy Music. They might have even met as they are both from the north east of England and have stuff in common.

  10. erlandrocks says:

    Never heard of Peter Skellern. I stand corrected. Thanks for the info!

  11. En3usiast says:

    Bryan is a highly intelligent and creative artist…this jazz album should be a big hit…
    His work with Brian Eno was great too!!!

  12. mutterful says:

    Love Bryan Ferry, love the ’20s, love the Pasadena Roof Orchestra and the like………………….. think I’m going to LOVE this album.

  13. Osy Cardona says:

    Thanks bryian….! Magic.


  15. Sorry, Jazz Roxy’ does.’nt work!

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