Jacksoul – Somedays

RIP Haydain Neale (September 3, 1970 – November 22, 2009) One of jacksoul's earlier songs – "Somedays" – from their 2000 album Sleepless. I do NOT own this music or CD cover.

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7 Responses to “Jacksoul – Somedays”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful music…RIP

  2. 24newbee says:

    I’m new to Jackoul’s music. But it’s hard for me to believe that these guy’s are unknown in this part of the US ( MD ). Their music is wonderful and Haydain Neale’s voice is truly a gift from God ( R.I.P. ). I will try my best to turn everyone I know on to Jacksoul. They deserve it!

  3. Daniel Land says:

    Haydain Neale Rest in peace….you are so missed!

  4. Keith Smith says:

    great singer rip brotha 

  5. Such a great song!

  6. IconTC13 says:

    I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since he passed away. I was thinking of him today when Jacksoul’s “The River” started playing on my iPod. How lucky we are that we have his music which will live on forever.

  7. A Beautiful’ voice….took me’ months to ‘remember’ his name before i found this song that i have always loved’ so much…..God Bless, Brother! <3

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