IAMX – The Unified Field – Official Music Video

Single release worldwide on Dec 3rd 2012 All major online shops (amazon, itunes and more) From the upcoming album 'The Unified Field', to be released March 2013 www.pledgemusic.com Director, Producer, Editor – ADAM ANTHONY Producer, Visual Effects – EDWARD COPESTICK Cinematographer – TONY GARDINER The Maestro – GYTON GRANTLEY Additional Editor – CHRIS CORNER, DANIEL BONTEMPO Second Camera – NATE MARTIN Make Up Artist – JODI GARDNER

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16 Responses to “IAMX – The Unified Field – Official Music Video”

  1. eternalcrow says:

    <3 IAMX

    I am planning on Pledging. :)

  2. lolwut762 says:

    Oh My god this so so fantastic. Im so proud of Chris, Janine and everyone else involved in Iamx for how far theyve come. :) Keep pledging, people!

  3. Ada Zukowska says:

    simply great!! and very inspiring song :) 

  4. This is amazing, honestly one of my favourites. I love the new IAMX sound and how it has matured. I can’t wait for the new single! Keep pledging! <3

  5. this almost brought me to tears… so beautiful! Thank you Chris for making such a great music!

  6. 57eren16 says:

    Of Yaaaa! Keşke klibini Chicago’da çekebilseydiniz!.. :(
    I wish you could get clip in Chicago!.. :(

  7. dodado11 says:


  8. TheKid4Ever says:

    PURE ART !!!! 2:21

  9. selenya says:

    Did bring me to tears. Absolutely beautiful. <3

  10. FizzBoosh says:

    Good god Chris you’ve done it again. This is gonna be one heck of an album.

  11. TashaKatrine says:

    I live in Seattle and there are so many homeless (adults & teens). The city has shelters and a lot of groups that go to the parks to offer food & drink, but you can tell that some of them are just barely hanging on. This video made me cry. IAMX is so good and sincere! Thank you for creating this!

  12. Peter St says:

    Just because I’m a men, doesn’t mean I don’t cry! I love it! <3

  13. VHSpitFireVH says:

    Pure causal. Supradivine…

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