Hook Up! HIPHOP les twins【HD】

Hook Up! HIPHOP les twins【HD】

This is a re-post of Hook Up! HIPHOP since I heard many opinions that you all would like to see it in HD. Hope you enjoy the share :) Les Twins battling each other in Hook Up! HIPHOP in Japan :) for the people who might be confused.. Les Twins battled in Dance @live HIPHOP, and Hook Up! HIPHOP which are two different battle events in Japan. This movie is from Hook Up! HIPHOP. Larry and Laurent battled in the Best8 against each other, and Larry won this twins battle. Dance @live HIPHOP movies are placed at ALIVEMANIA55's channel www.youtube.com

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17 Responses to “Hook Up! HIPHOP les twins【HD】”

  1. TheDreqon says:

    I think Larry is a Trouble Maker a.k.a Bad twin lol

  2. NoName21234 says:

    you’re obviously new here. so just… they both thrive on competition with eachother, they say it themselves, it’s what makes them so good. and believe me, they’re both divas. laurent “steals’ (if you want to call it that) the spotlight just as often. ;)

  3. I personally like Larry’s style better but Laurent is a beast with style as well.

  4. L MANAHAN says:

    Can’t get enough of them twins

  5. Hahahaha they steal the spotlight equally, sometimes its Larry and then other times its Lau but they compliment each other very well :)

  6. abdugani_95 teke teke slof net!!!!!!!

  7. Larry showed his middle finger on 1:00?)))))))))))

  8. aciresj says:

    They were both sick wit it! Love the pass from Larry to Lau 1:04 where they dance together. On a separate note, awwww hair kiss 2:24.

  9. franmii93 says:

    Song name? Please..

  10. TheMajin7 says:

    You can´t outdance Larry! All judges can think is that someone `performed´ better.

  11. 438SweetSuh says:

    i love that passs @ 1:04 tooo it’s HOT!!!

  12. Chuck Norris says:

    Larry took this one

  13. 0:59 jajaja fuck laurent is awesome jajaja

  14. he’s larry, not laurent xd

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