HipHop/Rap Instrumentals (rap beats,instrumental beats,instrumental rap,hip hop beats) # 18


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19 Responses to “HipHop/Rap Instrumentals (rap beats,instrumental beats,instrumental rap,hip hop beats) # 18”

  1. LiLDsMusic says:

    lol my new name is Sus7Beatz lol i was like 12 when i made this account lol!!!!

  2. jjellemusic says:

    when you have more free beats, mail it to please! I have my own studio and i will give you productions credits.. So give your name in the mail!

  3. Tb2x says:

    Traveling Back thru Time/ Changing Minds/ Albert Einstein/ Splitting Molecules and Spitting Rhymes/ Imagine a Perfect Life/ Two Corona’s on a Beach with a Lime/ But Shit Got Corrupt Among the Time Line/ There’s No Going Back, So We Gotta Live thru the Slime/ Clean it Up, Wake Up and Realize/ Life ain’t what it Seems/ It’s Like Suicide/ No End in Sight til We All Die/ Society’s Blind, But i’m Using my Third Eye/ See i Know How, and Ya’ll just Wonder Why/ Maybe it’s cuz We Got Civilized/ i’m Wise.

  4. elizario78 says:


  5. linda !!! sem mais !!

  6. Piotr Chomik says:

    it actually sounds good if i mermer the words quietly to my self with the beat great job pal

  7. Mermering? Say it loud brother, say it loud! :P thnx man i suppose u can tell it was written to this beat
    alot of these posted poets dont do that i think

  8. emiz98 says:

    posso prendere la base ? please

  9. Quantum Ruh says:

    Runnin everyday not knowin what im runnin from, both hands holdin full guns ima paranoid android, beep beep blurrin out words swervin up every fuckin curb oh lord, save me from this devilish hole that got me knee deep in da kinda shit flies dont even wanna eat, hot pursuit got the heat on my ass runnin like bugs bunny, trippin on drugs spittin like almer fud, cwazy wabbit ima getchu, homie askin who the fuck im tlkin to, poiint my gun at him n cock it to pew pew

  10. wussup imma new producer, make original beats and i do remakes to. go check it out, im new and just getting stared, doing this for some fun yanno so if you could check it out dat would be sweeet. all i ask is you send me what y’all do with it!! subscribe, like and follow me on twitter. peace

  11. Longer Doit says:

    ..its a beautiful
    i love it !

  12. Nooice drums. Really good job the whole thing.

  13. Gami Musiq says:

    Here’s a Instrumental snippet of a song. Let this dude know what you think about it.

  14. logan adams says:

    im a young artist named”young fresh” ive came from a hard life and i need to get on ma feet im in 7th grade and if anybody wants to here me rap just tx me and ill send you one please try to help ”239 565 9122” thanks

  15. logan adams says:

    I got this. Before I go back home, ima take over the throne and please im ballin and yur gonna get powned ,then ima goanna play basketball and u gonna get owned. Please young fresh is the best u think im gonna let u breath, when yur on yur knees tryin to give me a right to let u breathe. yo dj Ethan devoir all my enemy’s,but yet I let u breath and disrespect me.u still a kid u watch Disney and im on mtv makin so much money.

  16. Love it! It’s a raw beat! btw check out my beats

  17. macweezi says:

    wackk mutha trucker

  18. Badass let me use thiz

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