One Good Reason (Dru Hill) by Jay Miles

Me singing "One Good Reason" from Dru Hill. For more music, check me out at:

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13 Responses to “One Good Reason (Dru Hill) by Jay Miles”

  1. jaymiles81 says:

    Wow. I love that! If you have facebook add me:

    exile no longer

  2. marek kora says:

    great , nice man …

  3. @jaymile81 I started to pass this video up but something said listen to it and boo you kilt tha song cuz you got st8 to tha point. You are very talented and it will take you many places… keep up tha good work and always make sure you put God first in ya life.

  4. Madden Brown says:

    You sound real good, okkk*

  5. You doing anything wit that voice?

  6. WILL U MARRY ME? <3

  7. mshienie says:

    jay your voice is awesome! amazes me all the time

  8. sinaiselah says:

    Okay now…I like;)

  9. bigflyness17 says:

    u betta sing it…u even look like sisqo!!!

  10. Mu77a847cash says:

    Dame now that one got me….gave me chills and i love that song great job

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