Dru Hill – These Are The Times

These are the time. Dru Hills as the musketiers

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11 Responses to “Dru Hill – These Are The Times”

  1. The man in the Iron mask is an old novel turned movie, one brother was mad a prisoner the other was made king. Its an old story.

  2. aleciamccray says:

    Jazz (the heavier guy) has one of the BEST voices i’ve ever heard in my life! I miss them as a group sooooo much

  3. goosemane89 says:

    man dis video is whack! fucks da song all up cause u tryna pay attention to da video and see wat da hell is goin on, dont relate to da song at all

  4. Yea dude should have went solo

  5. yup, best song/worst video. ever.

  6. mackeskimo says:

    The reason for the 3 musketeers setting is this song was on the OST for The Man in the Iron Mask w/ Leo D.

  7. MsOtisj says:

    slow jammin

  8. aggie abi says:

    beautifull voice

  9. i really miss sisqo! he is so fine. he is a really great singer. im tired of people believing every lil thing they hear on tv or radio, like get over yourselfs….

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