Columbus vs Captain Kirk. Epic Rap Battles of History #14

Download this song: New ERB merch: Click to Tweet this Vid-ee-oh! Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. I like this one, and I hope you do too. say hi on twitter: @nicepeter @theepiclloyd These videos could not be possible without you, your suggestions, and a very talented cast and crew: Christopher Columbus: Nice Peter Captain Kirk: Lloyd Ahlquist aka EpicLLOYD Spock: Omar Gharaibeh Sulu: Jon Na Hot Alien: Mary Gutfleisch Directed by Dave McCary: Assistant Director: Patrick McIntyre Edited by Sean Barrett: Behind the Scenes edited by: Marc Chester Director of Photography: Jon Na Written by: Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, Greg Owens, and Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins Beat by: Dizzy of Sound Nation Ltd Art and Costumes by Mary Gutfleisch: Makeup and Hair by Jessie Sinatra Audio mixed by: Rafael Serrano Produced by Mickey Meyer for Maker Studios, Venice, CA. Production Assistant: Chris Miller Production Coordinator: Atul Singh gosh I think that's about it. see you soon, – nice peter

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18 Responses to “Columbus vs Captain Kirk. Epic Rap Battles of History #14”

  1. MeLotYouSong says:

    Hannibal Lecter vs Jigsaw

  2. João Nunes says:

    and don’t forget that Cristovao Colombo was Portuguese not Italian or Spanish. He just offered his services to the spanish crown.

  3. Vogeltuin1 says:

    I didn’t say he landed in u.s., it was SilentDeathByNINJA … And actually he didn’t land in cuba, but in the Bahama’s.

  4. ONRMazkir27 says:

    Originally I thought Columbus destroyed him. Once you know more historical context Kirk actually makes it closer.  Columbus also wasn’t Spanish, he was Portuguese

  5. Vogeltuin1 says:

    Oke, i’m going to tell the story one more time! Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) was born in Genua (Italy), he was the son of Domenico Colombo. When Columbus got older, he moved to Portugal with his brother Bartholomeo. He married with a Portugese Woman. Columbus wanted to be an explorer and asked money and a boat from King John II of Portugal. He refused, so Columbus went to Isabella of Castilla (Spain). She didn’t refuse and so Columbus traveled in name of Spain and got the Spanish nationality.

  6. Harbinger965 says:

    absolutely…epic victory!!!

  7. don’t care where he was born, he is the spanish guy who discovered america :D

  8. Guy Landau says:

    He’s Italian… “Claim you for Spain” means the Spanish Crown, as Spain sent him, but he was Italian nonetheless.

  9. John Walker says:

    Charles Manson vs Jeffrey Dahmer

  10. ONRMazkir27 says:

    @Guy Landau you’re right. I incidentally got Genoese confused with Portuguese

  11. Skysoldier91 says:

    OH You people don’t read history

  12. Skysoldier91 says:

    Let me be clear to any who don’t who was Columbus
    He was Italian !!!! who served for the spain crown End.

  13. FangedLion says:

    I thought Kirk was going to lose! There wouldn’t even be any competition. Columbus would’ve won epically. After Kirk bitch slaps Isabella, he tied.

  14. You guys should do freddy vs. Jason

  15. zReyZen77 says:

    “You spaghetti eating fuck” Ahahah that made me laugh so hard, and I’m Italian.

  16. its not true. it was a Swedish viking named: Leif. its not in the story books
    but Leif found america first but only stayed for some days cuze it wasn’t
    any willages to plunder

  17. geislinger says:

    Kirk was funny but columbus was real. Givin it to columbus.

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