Chief Keef – I Don’t Like – SK4MC REMIX (Official Video)

Chief Keef – I Don't Like – SK4MC REMIX (Official Video)

SK4MC takes a crack at the well known Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" and of course puts his own flare to it. Directed by @JakobOwens Time lapses shot by Mike Lev and Jakob Owens Get SK4MC's mixtape "Highlights 2" at Twitter: @sk4mc FB: ‪ CONTACT JAKOB: ‪

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15 Responses to “Chief Keef – I Don’t Like – SK4MC REMIX (Official Video)”

  1. Sergio Arias says:

    Peep 1:20 the young Nol smoking that Cuban Yum Yum

  2. Haha at 2:04 K.I.D is in the back coughing his lungs out !

  3. Gordon Cowie says:

    Doooooope, SK4MC is a classy dude, glad I got to be on set for this!

  4. Shanecooch says:

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  5. braxwomack4 says:

    This vid thats that shit I like

  6. Dats what I’m sayin

  7. King Luke says:

    Damn I love this song.

  8. Can’t stop watching this

  9. Check out my video Tell You on my channel

  10. looks like lil wayne and 2 chainz had a baby that could actually kill it

  11. blackops3305 says:

    “Jamaicans never run ”
    Wow he says jamaicans run.
    “This a video, i dislike “

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