Chief Keef – Hate Being Sober Feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa [Full] (Finally Rich)

Chief Keef – Hate Being Sober Feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa [Full] (Finally Rich)

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18 Responses to “Chief Keef – Hate Being Sober Feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa [Full] (Finally Rich)”

  1. mychgay says:

    Why, the fuck would Chief comment hes videos all the fucking time.?

  2. StoneLax420 says:

    word… his ONIFC album was very mediocre lyrically. .

  3. Ayeeeeee this goes hard GBE BANG BANG

  4. I hate being sober yup I’m a smoker

  5. hes absolutely terrible i would never pay to see him ever he cant rap or fucking speak right…yea im hating on him i dont like him at all i could do just as good at rapping as he could im sorry

  6. GoonBot22 says:

    Damn bruh he be livin bruh

  7. if ure on probation for guns why would u have them in ure video real or not??? hes a fucking retard…hes gunna go broke in like 2 years and no ones gunna give a shit about him….he should go get Rosetta stone english version so i can understand what hes saying

  8. kaywonn1 says:

    My young nigga ah fuck this beat up i gt tht 10 bAnds my young nigga vs anybody


  10. you def cant thats why hes where hes at and your where your at dumbass and if you would really pay attention hes actually saying something but your just to ignant and just pay attention to what you see a black 17 years old whos on prob. GETTING MONEY!!!!!

  11. BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hes saying he hates being sober…good for u some dumb black kid from a chicago hates being without pot…what a great person he must be…im just saying some rappers have talent…ie kendrick lamar a$ap rocky and some dont…ie keef…good for him hes making money now i just think hes terrible

  13. wrek60s says:

    50 wit dis flow doe…

  14. ITsEddy14 says:

    He is a terrible rapper. The lyrics are pointless as fuck. It’s more about the beat than the lyrics imo.

  15. BOSS94945 says:

    damn 50 went hard on this

  16. ill def agree with that his beats aren’t bad but he just raps the same every time from the stuff i have hear of him i mean like the song “i dont like ” the whole thing sounds exactly the same he doesnt change his tone or his rapping the entire song

  17. it would hav been beta by chief keef doin da whole song by himself

  18. Wulfbane300 says:

    why would you make an effort to tell everybody you dont like Chief? If you dont apreciate his music then dont listen to it, cock sucker.

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