Get an instant download of the new C…

Get an instant download of the new Chief Keef track "Love Sosa" when you pre-order Finally Rich on iTunes now – Follow @ChiefKeef & @BHughesStudios Trailer made by Ben Hughes Studios Shot by @WhoIsHiDef & Ben Hughes @modelmediagroup & s/o @TwinCityCEO Song: "Love Sosa" by Chief Keef with music by Michael Donner

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13 Responses to “Get an instant download of the new C…”

  1. DeeLoee97 says:

    The fuck it isn’t

  2. giron9420 says:

    Youngin came a long way! Props to you, Im for sure coppin yo Album!#BangBang#GBE

  3. daven945 says:

    He going to jail the the day before his album come out

  4. These bitches love sosa

  5. gerald2978 says:

    The most ignorant comment i have EVER seen in my entire life.

  6. BEARMOE05 says:

    Would preorder… But don’t fuk with apple to have a iPhone… Ill be waiting till that bitch hit Amazon mp3

  7. williamdes08 says:

    platinum first week!!!!

  8. ZYaKnoe249 says:

    not even in your dreams

  9. icox594 says:

    Ima buy dis he da future

  10. If he means in sales, Finally Rich will surpass Kendrick. But in quality…no

  11. dotmusic1 says:

    Support the homie from chiraq and ig zaezae79

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