Carrie Underwood – Blown Away – Official Music Video Cover by Jess Moskaluke – on iTunes

Download this song here: Blown Away – Originally performed by Carrie Underwood Thanks so much for checking out my video guys :) A lot of you were asking for some more country songs, so here ya go! Make sure you like/favorite and subscribe to my channel and Jake's channel Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to hear next! Love, Jess ——- Credits ———- Produced by Jake Coco and WG Snuffy Walden. Recorded at Taylor Made Studios : ——- Links ——– Jess Moskaluke Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Jake Coco: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter:

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17 Responses to “Carrie Underwood – Blown Away – Official Music Video Cover by Jess Moskaluke – on iTunes”

  1. Hate to say it but you sing this song as good if not better than Carrie. If you decide to go country your going to be great! Cudo’s girl!

  2. 123lillybugg says:

    I don’t like the way you sing..again just my opinion.. you can talk it’s auto tuned..

  3. Kaptar97 says:

    WOW GREAT voice

  4. adamsTRAVIS says:

    she would look so much better if she got rid of the metal hanging out of her nose.

  5. AudioArdor says:

    huh?? Her voice is the furthest thing from autotune, all it has is a little bit of reverb

  6. junkie1954 says:

    Awsome cover Jess

  7. I like how you guys made the backround and everything and i like your voice very beautiful :D

  8. I love how powerful your voice is! :) I sing okay but my voice is NOT as powerful. Great job:)

  9. Beagle4203 says:

    We don’t have Canadian Idol anymore…. Have you been under a rock?

  10. Mike Bunczuk says:

    This track suits your voice perfectly.

  11. her eyes are phenomenal. so beautiful.

  12. kasha lucier says:

    I’m Canadian to!! <3

  13. yeahsrdt0407 says:

    You have gorgeous eyes!! <3 i love all your covers i listen to them all the time. Amazing voice keep up all you do and thank you for sharing with the world your great talent.

  14. reinplat says:

    This has got to be the best cover of this song anywhere on Youtube (or on this planet, for that matter)

  15. reinplat says:

    Grat job on the drums as well!

  16. Paul Dück says:

    Hey Jess i´m from germany so my english is not good enough to tell you how i like your work. You´re voice is so powerfull and it sounds so greate. I love it. Please dont stop it ;-) . I love the the sound when you´re singing together with Jake. It´s amazing. Sorry for my bad english.

  17. xzibit23456 says:

    wtf most men who watched this video were between 45-54years? o_O

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