Upon A Burning Body – Sin City (Official Music Video)

The official music video for SIN CITY by Upon A Burning Body DIRECTED BY: ambitious.films Filmed Live: Stuttgart Germany The new album RED.WHITE.GREEN. is available now! Click here to buy the album and merch: bit.ly Click here to buy the album on iTunes: bit.ly For more info please visit: www.itunes.com/uponaburningbody www.facebook.com/uponaburningbody www.facebook.com/sumerianrecords www.sumerianrecords.com

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17 Responses to “Upon A Burning Body – Sin City (Official Music Video)”

  1. SPFUSION5 says:

    that would be pretty cool but the different genre thing would be weird

  2. 37 people are a burning body! haha i made an original comment! not! i mine as well live in sin city

  3. aTnSocke says:

    nice vid, great song, love it!

  4. JustST34LTH says:

    I’m addicted to this song

  5. TheTELLEZ55 says:

    Saw them live last night that was the best show I ever been 2

  6. Do you think that simple instrumentation brings forth simple lyrics? Vice versa? We all know that most metalheads aren’t brilliant and it’s awesome that they have the same intelligence level as Good Charlotte, but too many people are doing this type of music and they dont really seem to get why. Going with the flow is not impressive. Playing and sounding like someone else is lame. I take shits more aggressive than this.

  7. MrRookband says:

    Why is they’re bassist and rhythm guitar switching instruments randomly!!!!!

  8. deathscare3 says:

    What happened to the white guitarist?

  9. TobiToxic666 says:

    That was fucking awesome!!!!

  10. MrJv123jv says:

    Here’s a theory. There might have been some sort of irregularity or something on CJ’s passport and he might not have been able to go to Germany.

  11. this is insanity. ineed to see this live.

  12. 20CentFish says:

    saw them in switzerland this year… fucking brutal!!!

  13. guruman112 says:

    This is boner worthy

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