Bronwyn Gray – “Alcohol Blues” (Original Acoustic) – Adult Contemporary

Bronwyn Gray – "Alcohol Blues" (Original Acoustic) – Adult Contemporary

"Alcohol Blues" is a favourite of mine and the one I have the most fun with! Performing at home in Brisbane, Queensland, 28/11/2012, with my 2 gorgeous dogs, "Bouncer" and "Buddy". I wrote this song in Tasmania in 1988. From my album "Retrospect" (1999).

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3 Responses to “Bronwyn Gray – “Alcohol Blues” (Original Acoustic) – Adult Contemporary”

  1. I love the imagery this song brings to mind.

  2. stumpydog87 says:

    Homm this is so familiar. I can relate to this song.

  3. Groovy song! Groovy singer! Groovy dogs!

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