BGC’s Erika Talks Lil Reese Beating Up a Woman

BGC's Erika Talks Lil Reese Beating Up a Woman – Bad Girls Club star Erika, a native of Chicago, talks about how GBE's Chief Keef running the streets of the city and being the voice for the youth in the area. Erika also opens up about the reality of life in Chicago for young kids and pre-teens, and why she thought Lil Reese was "looking a fool" for beating up a woman on tape.

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3 Responses to “BGC’s Erika Talks Lil Reese Beating Up a Woman”

  1. I aint no bit*$ but this why i never wanted to visit my cousins on the west side of Chicago they all ways came to my neighbor hood off 703 Raymond street. lol

  2. daireon96 says:

    Chief Keef BD Homie Get Intune.! #Chiraq ..BUT She Was Telling The Truth About Chicago The Rest Of The Bullshit She Was saying About 3hunna Being Bitches Is A BOLD Lie .. Im Surprised She Had The Balls To Say Some Shit Like This… 3hunna Is Like 300…The Movie

  3. P0GFLIPPER says:

    Comparing that mug chief keef that can’t rap to 2pac hahaa stupid gal… so not in the same league of chatting… one talks shit the other talked sense.

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