Artists on Nirvana and Grunge Rock (Pt.3)

Famous artists opinions on the Rock n' Roll band Nirvana.. http

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4 Responses to “Artists on Nirvana and Grunge Rock (Pt.3)”

  1. And not to sound like the old guy but go back and do some homework, look up bands like Sonic Youth, Soundgarden’s early work, Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, The Melvin, Love Battery, Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, and i promise you will love what you hear

  2. MrDoritoO says:

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  3. Joe Grayling says:

    all great, except for the faggot named Keith Richards. What a self-obbessed dick head, like every interview i’ve ever seen him in talking about other artists have always been him talking shit on them.

  4. StealmySword says:

    Thumbs up if you opened this video only for Robert Plant on the preview!

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