AMAZING NEW – Hard (Rap) Street Music Banger Instrumental Beat Making

Free Download Link For A Limited Time Only Download Your Beats Today!!! This Instrumental And Others at Instrumental Music to Download Here – Tons of Hip-Hop Instrumental Beats available to download Via MP3 Links. All Rap Beats are Produced By BAGE BEATS. All Instrumental Beats are easy to download and can be used right away for Creating songs or background music for your YouTube Videos. Lease This Beat (Link Below) Profit Use Download Here – https Follow me on Twitter – Like it on FaceBook – Channel – My Contact Email – ========================================================== Me and my Production Setup Here is some information about me and my Music Production i started making Hip Hop Instrumental Beats about 10 years ago i learned to use programs like Propellerhead Reasons, Fruity Loops, Logic Pro And Pro tools. I also learned how to use a Akai MPC 2500 they are all great tools to use to create beats and i would recommend any of them. My newest setup consist of a iMac, Native Instruments Maschine, and a Korg Triton Pro 61 Keyboard. I don't use any of the sounds in the Korg Triton Pro anymore because they are kinda out dated so i use it as a midi controller for my VSTi plugins. My favorite plugins to use would be the Nexus, Sylenth1 and Gladiator i use those three the most they have great sounds and i would recommend them to anyone who are looking for great cutting edge sounds <b>…</b>

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