ALLROUNDA Productions – Making A Hiphop Beat (Episode 4) www allrounda com

Allrounda making a beat from scratch December 2011. BUY & DOWNLOAD BEATS: Subscribe to my mailing list and get a FREE BEAT surprise! LIKE MY FACEBOOK ARTIST-PAGE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:

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10 Responses to “ALLROUNDA Productions – Making A Hiphop Beat (Episode 4) www allrounda com”

  1. Adelso Pena says:

    this track is hard man

  2. I made a great freestyle on this beat dude its great.:)) keep up.

  3. hey i gotta say man you got some amazing beats! i just subscribed! If your not too busy i hope you can check my page out and do the same! keep up with the inspirational beats!

  4. kubbegrabben says:

    I think it looks like FL Studio on the screen but I can be wrong.

  5. It’s Fl Studio. No it don’t come with the sounds (probably you mean VST’S).

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to use your beats. The free downloads really help young up-coming rappers, such as myself, develop the skill that is needed to make it big. I will always rep ALLROUNDA whether i make it big or not!

  7. its’s fruity Loops. And no there are just some little Instruments coming with this. Google it!

  8. webnet15 says:

    loved it back in Dec,2011 & now I love it even more…………

  9. gamo1590 says:

    esta instrumental en que cancion salio??se me hace conocida!!! ®

  10. kubbegrabben says:

    I noticed that you have a mic and wondering if you are rapping?

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