50 Cent Speaks On Chief Keef/Lupe Fiasco Beef, Street King Immortal, Interscope [New 9-12-2012]

50 cent calls COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase to talk about his new music. He also discusses problems w/ Interscope & shows love for the controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

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8 Responses to “50 Cent Speaks On Chief Keef/Lupe Fiasco Beef, Street King Immortal, Interscope [New 9-12-2012]”

  1. Even Lupe sold crack and stayed with the gangs and such. Most of his homies are related with gangs, he just matured his self and became a REAL nigga. But the youngers think all this killing and talking big is The Cool.

  2. Scarecrow2D says:

    There’s a difference between selling drugs and being a dealer, and being gang related and being around gangs, he was brought up in the atmosphere so he is going to have dudes that were gang related, but Lupe was nothing compared to what 50 was, and you gotta admit Lupe is realer 50 got his name from a dead drug dealer.

  3. Fiddy is THE WORST THING to ever happen to hip hop. hes played his role so well its unbvelievable every INTELLIGENT thug/drug/hardcore rapper whos ever come thru has tried to portray the darker pitfalls of the game that influenced their raps. fiddy never has. ANY &EVERYTHING thats negative &insidious about hiphop life is what he promotes even after reachin a certain financial strata. nigga even backed romney ffs.
    as for these radio hosts.. listen to em theyre ALL a buncha dickriding fuckboys

  4. samoanhuss says:

    Nggas b hatin ks fithy gettn money get ya mind ryte

  5. I know these differences very well, but what I mean is in the end… He lived that street kid life. He’s grown out of it and is thinking positive for his OWN people in Chicago. But yeah, you’re right, he is realer than 50.

  6. Scarecrow2D says:

    I only enjoyed on of 50′s albums, and of that album like 4 songs. I lost all respect for 50 when he curbed Game for not backing him up on the beef with fat joe, I just hope Lupe sticks around, He might not be as popular but after his death I think people are going to look back and be like this dude was a monster.

  7. I’ll be honest and say I like his Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ album… But that’s the only album that’s considered a classic. And on the whole Game situation, I agree with you. I started hating him after that too. But, The Game too has sold out… He’s a wannabe like how 50′s a Ja rule wannabe. Anyhow, Lupe leaving the scene is kinda hard for me. But yeah, we all can agree on the part that we are sad to see him go. His mixtape and albums are monstrous.

  8. Pistol Peet says:

    I agree with you bro but i strongly disagree with what 50 said hes basically praising cheif keef for what he is and he sees a reflection of what his son couldve been and what not and he can relate to him and just cause Lupe is calling out the negativity that hes spreading his opinion doesnt matter 50 cent is talkin out his ass you got rappers out here with loads of money and yet they continue to rap about guns & drugs like they still in the hood I feel Lupe this music is poison to the youth.

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