2PAC – To Live and Die in LA


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10 Responses to “2PAC – To Live and Die in LA”

  1. andyfitzgig says:

    i love how tupac videos have people of all skin color in them, black, white, yellow, red, green or whatever, he didnt care what you were as long as you had the right attitude. The world needs more people like him. Thumbs if you agree.

  2. Half these views are from me:)

  3. peter pork says:

    fuck u new school

  4. skeltdog100 says:

    4:20 doesnt mean shit to me, its an all day thing

  5. rappers dont die they multiply

  6. This sonq is the shit !Cx
    With out mexican’s L.A. Wouldn’t Be L.A.

  7. afg229 says:

    no mexicans werent that much in the 90s they became more in the 2000′s

  8. Allahu akbar says:

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  9. David Lopez says:

    I lived in downtown LA in the mid 90s and a lot of areas were mostly mexican. I would say that LA has diversified a lot through out the years and areas aren’t as predominantly as mexican as they use to be in the 90s

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