In Your Words – Rebecca Black – Official Music Video

New video and single "In Your Words" – Rebecca Black – Official Music Video BUY "In Your Words" on iTunes HERE –

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15 Responses to “In Your Words – Rebecca Black – Official Music Video”

  1. she’s living her dreams now…

  2. Looks like she got better Autotune.

  3. MEHboi616 says:

    idiot can’t sing. omg fuck you rebecca black. you have no talent.

  4. Reid Hardy says:

    I hate to say that truthfully each song gets alittle better. She’s found a style that works for her. And I know in my experience anyone can become with a good singer with the right vocal coach. So maybe she will actually get a chance. She just needs a better song writer now haha

  5. amer28basket says:

    Guys need help i like a girl and i think she likes me to! but the problem is she have never see my teeth and ther are little ugly so i really don’t know what to do :/ can some one help me?

  6. anaku6937 says:

    JacksGap likes this xP

  7. This is great! Rebecca Black has risen to stardom despite hardship! You go Rebecca!

  8. mi1esfromyou says:

    It’s actually good! Love her voice!

  9. amer28basket says:

    jeah but what if she say smile?

  10. whoever signs her up, which i think is doubtful is as much as a moron as the people encouraging her :/

  11. Fia Wigren says:

    She is so good at writing backwards…

  12. Hmmmm…. so tell me this:
    Where are your 184 549 views and 10 000+ likes?

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